Improving life
at home, and
on the planet


A home ecosystem with a conscience

Bringing you the best of our brand portfolio, in constant pursuit of improving life at home and our planet. Whirlpool Corporation’s approach to innovation brings our consumers what they want and actually need–a mix of smart home appliances and emerging technologies that deliver energy, cost and time savings.

Whirlpool brand kitchen with electric range

From growing your creativity in the kitchen to planning meals, grocery shopping, and cooking, find your inspiration here.

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Take positive action to keep up with an organized house and keep the stress levels down, doing what you can for the environment.

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Small changes can lead to big impact on your family’s carbon footprint when everyone gets involved.

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Make the most of every season with ideas from Whirlpool Corporation to get the most of spring, summer, winter and fall.

Why we focus on innovating with purpose

Whirlpool Corporation has taken an innovative approach to its social impact initiatives ever since its founding, 110 years ago. In 1969, our company boldly announced our responsibility to the environment, and in 1970 we became the first appliance company to open an Office of Sustainability. Our products and brands reflect not only those responsibilities, but understand that environmental responsibility is one of the things that matters most to our consumers.

A new study1 conducted by Whirlpool Corporation shows that consumers, when thinking specifically about home appliances, really want innovations that improve their lives at home. More than 19,000 people across 10 countries were polled, and we discovered that consumers in 2022 are seeking innovations that use less energy, have a lower carbon footprint, and save money and time.

The results also showed–cost and brand aside–that the most important feature consumers want in home appliances are energy and water efficiency, highlighting the need for sustainable products that don’t compromise on performance.

1 ​​Survey of 2000 General consumers in 10 countries conducted by Censuswide between 18-30 November 2021. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.


of consumers find energy and water efficiency the most important feature


of consumers want appliances with a lower footprint


of consumers value innovations that use less energy


of consumers desire appliances that save time

Our approach to innovation at Whirlpool Corporation brings people what they want and need to improve their lives at home while being better for the environment. We visualize a home ecosystem with a conscience—a mix of smart home appliances and emerging technologies, that deliver energy, cost and time savings.


We also innovate in the ways we give back to communities across the globe

We also takes an innovative approach to our social impact initiatives, called House + Home, with the company placing energy-efficient appliances in homes through our long-standing collaboration with Habitat for Humanity International® and Homes for our Troops in the United States. A study conducted by Habitat for Humanity for Whirlpool Corporation showed that putting energy efficient refrigerators and ranges in low income households can result in a reduction of more than 20 percent in their annual electric costs for those appliances.2

2Whirlpool House + Home Donated Product Energy Efficiency Study. October, 2021