Are you ready to winterize your garage? It’s time to bring in the warm weather furniture, tools and equipment. If you have an already packed space, the additional items can create an even bigger mess.

Here are 3 easy tips to clean up the clutter and organize before winter arrives.

Have a Game Plan:

First, decide what functions you want your garage to have. The majority of home owners use their garage to park their car but there are many other uses that are important to make space for in addition to parking the car. Many homeowners choose to have designated space for hobbies, tools and storage.

After you’ve decided what you want to store, designate “zones” so that each area has a place.

By dividing up your garage into zones you’ll have organized spaces for things like lawn & garden equipment, sporting goods and tools. This will keep you organized and help the rest of the household know where to put things in the future.

Eliminate Waste:

Clutter is one of the biggest and most common problems in the garage for homeowners. Take some time before each season to assess what can stay and what needs to go.

Designate an area where items that you can sell at a future garage sale can go, that way when the weather warms back up you’ll already have items ready to go.

Instead of tossing hardly used items away, consider donating. Many charitable organizations will take your gently used items and some will even come pick them up!

Maximize Your Space:

One way to organize and create space is to use garage organization systems. Hooks and shelves easily move items off the garage floor and free up space. It will also make your garage look and feel more organized.