A good, thorough cleaning can help stop the spread of these stubborn viruses and allergens but are you using your appliances to help stop the spread?

Here are some great tips from our experts:

  • IN THE BEDROOM  Try using your steam cycle! This cycle is great for cleaning sheets and pillow cases to help stop the spread of illness and reduce allergens. The steam cycle can also be used to help clean items you wouldn’t think to throw in the washer or dyer. Items like toys, yoga mats, dog/cat bedding, & backpacks. It is also a great way to refresh your sheets between washings. The steam can release wrinkles and even remove odors if you are short on time.


  • IN THE KITCHEN  your dishwasher can be a great ally when it comes to sanitizing things around your home. Sanitizing cycles raise the main washing and drying temperatures to improve the cleaning within your appliance. These warmer temperatures can sanitize dishes & cups to help prevent the spread of hard to clean germs. If your machine doesn’t have a sanitizing cycle try selecting a higher water temperature and select the heated dry option.


  • IN THE BATHROOM  many doctors recommend switching to a new toothbrush after a brush with the cold and flu, but don’t forget to clean the things your old one used to touch. Your toothbrush holder touches your toothbrushes every day and rarely gets cleaned, so when you purchase a new brush, toss the holder into the dishwasher. Many holders are dishwasher safe, and your dishwasher’s sanitize cycle can kill any germs and bacteria.


  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES  your kids are really great at sharing. Too good! Germs can travel home on the items used day to day. Items like water bottles and school lunch boxes are notorious for harboring lots of germs. The top rack is the perfect place for water bottles and lunch boxes to go through the sanitizing cycle. Don’t forget that many dishwashers have adjustable top racks that can move up or down to accommodate larger items like water bottles.


  • WASH YOUR HANDS  something often forgotten is how viruses and bugs are transferred. Always remember to wash your hand thoroughly before handling clean sheets and dishes. This will help stop the spread onto already cleaned items.