The work week can be busy, leaving little to no time to cook a family meal. There are some great ways to cook one large meal and let it stretch across the week, saving you time and money. Our cooking expert Anna Carl shares her tips on how to stretch your meals throughout the week.

  • Begin by checking your weekly circular for sale items. Meat can be the most expensive item on your grocery list, so buying meat on sale or in bulk can help you save quite a bit on your grocery bill.
  • Chicken is one of the easiest meals to re-purpose. Consider starting with one roasted chicken. Use it for your first meal, and then save about two to three cups of chicken from the roast to use for at least two more meals. You can make the process even more efficient by roasting multiple chickens at once.
  • A simple beef roast can serve a family of four, but can also be easily repurposed for additional meals through out the week. Beef roast can easily become beef burritos, chili, or beef and noodles later in the week.
  • Turkey is another meat that you can be creative with, especially after Thanksgiving! Try making a tetrazzini, stir fry or tacos with the leftover turkey meat for more delicious meals.