Teach responsibility through family chores and games

Improving life at home

What you do is even more important than what you say, so get your childen involved in activities that build life skills and eco-friendly choices. From recycling to gardening, hands-on activities make learning fun.

Eco-friendly Ideas

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Kitchen Activities

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Laundry Activities

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Teach by doing

Families are children’s most influential teachers, and one of the best classrooms for kids is outdoors. Simple actitives can go a long way–both today and tomorrow–for our planet and the future of our children’s lives. Head outside to set the stage, and empower your family with environmentally friendly activites!

From planting seeds to sorting recyclables, share your respect for the earth

There are plenty of ways you can teach your family about the importance of sustainable living, and the added benefit? They gain early life skills that teach basic math, science and creativity!

Grow a Garden

Start with compost. Turn food scraps and yard waste into an outdoor science lab. Once the nutrient-rich soil develops, the fun begins with wiggly earthworms. Whether your kids love or hate them, teach them how earthworms break down their banana peels and apple cores, aerate the soil, and provide fertilizer for their gardens.

Counting, sorting and measuring is fun when your family plants seeds. Consider beans and peas because they sprout quickly and children can see the results of their labor. Even the pickiest eaters are usually willing to try the food they’ve grown themselves.

Recycle and Reuse

Help expand your child’s imagination by encouraging new ways to reuse items and put waste in its place with labeled, multi-color recycling bins to reinforce sorting. With your guidance, even the little ones can master it quickly.



herbs and plants

Age-appropriate laundry chores that make learning fun

For most families, laundry shows up on the daily to-do list, making it the perfect opportunity to involve your kids in completing the daily chores. Nearly every age group can pitch in to help with laundry chores—whether you’re letting your toddler “help” unload the dryer, or teaching a teen the ins and outs of stain removal.

girl folding towel

From 18 months to 18 years, laundry chores teach life-long lessons

Sure, it may take a little extra time to get things done, but giving children age-appropriate responsibilities provides kids the stability they crave through the simple act of doing chores.

That’s why our friends from Whirlpool brand launched Chore Club, to help you find ways to insert chores into your at-home routines.

Start with an eager toddler. Simple laundry chores are the perfect way for preschoolers to learn about helping others and basic laundry safety. And, they’ll likely find it entertaining, keeping them busy while you tackle your to-do list!

As kids approach school age, reinforce colors, shapes and numbers with laundry sorting activities. Have older kids? Progress to folding and putting clean clothes away. Build reading skills by checking laundry labels, teach how to measure detergent, and show them how to choose the right cycles for each load by using this guide.



Download a printable list of age-appropriate laundry chores from Whirlpool®.

Cooking together builds skills and memories

People tell us that they’ve been cooking in their homes together more than ever. With so many hoping to keep this up, here are some tips, tricks and family-friendly recipes for cooking with the kids that are great fun and educational too!

From fine motor skills to learning fractions, the kitchen is a natural classroom

Involve your kids in cooking and baking, and you’ll help reinforce healthy eating habits, practice math and reading, build motor skills and create priceless family memories. When you invite your children to help in the kitchen, you not only teach them how to prepare food, but demonstrate care for one another and develop important life lessons.

Sure, family cooking may require a little extra time, patience and messes, but the best everyday lessons can be learned in the kitchen. Hands-on learning while engaging the senses makes experiences memorable, so all ages–toddlers to teens–can benefit.

Chore Club by Whirlpool offers great ideas for kitchen activities here.

Think of the additional benefits too! Kids are typically more inclined to taste what they help make, so their involvement in the kitchen may reduce mealtime battles and encourage children to be more willing to try new tastes and textures.




Cloud dough with Whirlpool Chore Club