The holidays are fast approaching and for many of us, that means a lot of holiday baking!

Here are some simple tips from our KitchenAid brand expert that will get your stand mixer into tip top shape.

Beater Adjustments

Does your mixer not reach all the ingredients in the bottom of the bowl? Your beater may be too high.
Or, do you have the opposite problem? Is your beater is hitting the bottom of the bowl?
Is your flat beater chipping on the bottom? These are clues that your beater is too low.
You can easily raise or lower your beater by performing the “Dime Test”.

Neck or Hinge Pin Adjustments

Is the silver “pin” sticking out or moving while you mix?
Here’s how to fix it!

Extra Bowls and Beaters

We can all use an extra bowl for our holiday baking. Spend less time washing your bowl and more time making!
They make great holiday gifts (or to yourself?)
KitchenAid® has ceramic, glass and stainless bowls in colors and patterns and various sizes to choose from.

Flex Edge Beaters

A Flex Edge beater is a great holiday gift and greatly reduces bowl scraping.
Which one fits your mixer?